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Rouvida - A New Frontier Rouvida gets you to fast, well, faster. Sleekly designed around the Fazua Ride60 motor, Rouvida delivers 60nM of torque paired to a 430wH battery, and assists you all the way up to 28mph—pro peloton speeds on the road, and edge-of-control-two-wheel-drifts off-road. That’s right, Rouvida comes in two configurations: road and gravel. We designed some clever interchangeable dropouts that significantly alter the geometry of the bike, so the road bike feels like a road bike, and the gravel bike feels like a gravel bike. No compromises, just speed. DOING MORE SO YOU CAN DO MORE We knew there was interest in both gravel and road performance e-bikes, so we designed dropouts that make one frame do double duty. A world away from your typical ‘flip chip,’ these interchangeable dropouts have the effect of rotating the entire frame to achieve the fit and handling you expect from a Cervélo road bike, and from a Cervélo gravel bike. When changing inserts (which must be purchased from your retailer), there is also a firmware update that needs to take place, and this service must be performed by your local Cervélo retailer. CLASSIC CERVÉLO While the design brief didn’t actually say, ‘Don’t make it look like an e-bike,’ it was definitely at the forefront of our thoughts throughout the process. Our bikes are refined, design-forward performance machines. The addition of a motor and battery couldn’t change that. From the reorientation of the battery to the relocation of the speed sensor, we made every effort to ensure that Rouvida meant Cervélo just as much as S5 or Áspero do. SMOOTH, POWERFUL, AND NATURAL Fazua’s latest offering, the Ride60, has already received accolades for its ability to blend seamlessly with your pedaling input to deliver a ride that feels like an analog bike, just with a lot more oomph. ALL IN THE DETAILS We considered every angle, and the result is a bike that looks right at home alongside any of our aero models. Reorienting the battery from the standard implementation saved 25g in the wind tunnel, the Road Control puts power and assist control in a natural location in the handlebar’s drop, and an indicator panel on top tube includes a USB charging port for lights or accessories.
Tailwind Included Long-distance comfort, effortless power, and an award-winning legacy. When the road calls for more, now you can answer. Model Description Synapse Neo is a carbon e-road bike for going the distance in comfort. It’s built up with a precise and reliable Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic drivetrain, light and fast HollowGram R45 carbon wheels, and a smooth-riding frameset made from our advanced Series 2 carbon construction. Propelled by a light but powerful Bosch Performance Line Sprint drive system, this bike will make any road your road. What it's for - Speedy, spirited road riding, with a boost. Highlights: - Lightweight carbon-fiber frame features sophisticated Series 2 Construction and proven endurance race geometry. - Bosch Performance Line Sprint motor offers an ideal combination of low weight and smooth power, delivering up to 55 Nm of torque and 600 watts of assist, all the way to 28mph. - Integrated 400Wh battery offers serious range for long rides, and keeps the weight low for a lively ride-feel. - Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 12-speed electronic drivetrain delivers exceptionally smooth, crisp, effortless shifting. - Race-ready HollowGram R45 carbon wheels with 700x30c Vittoria tires are fast and confident across a wide range of road surfaces. - Vision Metron Aero Carbon bars and HollowGram 1 SAVE seatpost keep things comfortable, fast, and stylish. High Performance. Low Profile. Synapse Neo looks just like it rides: smooth. The quiet Bosch Performance Line Sprint drive unit is neatly integrated into the carbon frame, and premium componentry like our?Conceal Stem, HollowGram carbon wheels, and electronic shifting keep things clean, quick, and reliable. Easy Rider The light but mighty Bosch Performance Line Sprint drive unit provides support up to higher cadences for a natural pedaling feel. It’s powered by a 400Wh battery and brings a smooth, powerful boost up to 28mph, then seamlessly disengages for effortless pedaling at greater speeds. The Real Deal True road bike performance comes standard here. Based on the comfortable endurance?geometry of our pro-level Synapse, Synapse Neo provides the same precise handling, confident control, and incredibly smooth ride as that award-winning machine.
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