Oct tbd Sat Hincapie Fondo Greenville, SC
Dec 31 Tues New Years Eve tbd 
Jan 1    Wed New Years Day tbd

Shop rides resume 2020
Tuesday & Thursday
Tactics-Strategy-Fitness36 mile Strava Link
Roll out 6:00PM, (Pace 20+mph)
Rotating pace line
Call (865) 671-7591

Tuesday & Thursday

14 mile Strava Link
Road and Electric Assist Bikes

Roll out 6:00PM(Pace 13+mph)
Safe riding technique "Re Grouping"
Call (865) 671-7591

SHOW & GO from the store
8:00AM is a popular time to roll out.

This is a year round ride
Weather/Temperature permitting
at least 45
° and dry
Our store will be open 7:30-8:00
for preride conveniences. We will reopen
for regular Saturday hours (9:00-5:00).
Recommended routes:
36, 25, 14mi Strava Link