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people on a group rideEvery Tuesday Ride
14 mile Strava link
Road and Electric Instructional ride
Departs at 6:00PM (Pace 13+mph)
Safe riding technique "Re Grouping"
Call (865) 671-7591
group rideEvery Saturday Ride
14 mi - 22 mi36 mi
Departs at 7:30AM (Pace13 to 20+ mph)
Multiple Groups/Paces on each route
Self supported, Friends, Fun
 Choose your Strava Route
and Enjoy the Ride!
Call (865) 671-7591
Ride with Friends!
Every Saturday Morning

Thursday Rides
Race-Tactics-StrategyThursday rides36 mi Strava Link
Roll out 6:00PM, (Pace 20+mph)
Rotating pace line
Call (865) 671-7591

Greenway Rides
Join today! knoxville easy riders meetup group. come join and ride with us!