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Get $100 credit towards our pro bike fit with the purchase of a new bike.

West Bikes is committed to building better cyclists starting from day one.

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Pain-free performance
starts at the pedal.

Your feet and legs are your engine. When they’re out of alignment, pain and fatigue can erode your power and enjoyment. The good news is that you can correct the leading causes of these issues and restore your comfort right here and now.

Bike Fit Packages

West Bikes uses BikeFit, a fit system that focuses in on how the rider attaches to the bike via the pedals and saddle. Analyzing things like foot position and leg angle, BikeFit dials these details in for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Pro Fit $250

Uses motion capture to get more accurate measurements, cleat fitting and includes follow up appointments. Expect 3 hours fit time.

Basic Fit $100

Focuses on saddle selection, seat height and fore and aft, reach to the handlebars/stem length, handlebar position (rotation). Expect 1 hour fit time.

Cleat Fitting $40

We measure the tilt of your feet and the natural angle of your feet to suggest wedge amounts and cleat rotation positions.

Knoxville Bike Fit Riding Style

What's Your Riding Style?

Whether you want to cruise the local bike path or crush the clock in a time trial, these varying styles require different bike fits. We take this into account when helping you achieve the right fit. Comfort and efficiency are highly dependent upon your riding style and goals.

Knoxville Bike Fit Components

Comfort Is In The Details

Beyond the frame, the components of a bike also contribute greatly to a good fit. Just focusing on the bike seat, everything from the height, angle, and positioning affects how you ride. Other factors include stem length and height, crank arm length, pedal stance width, and more.