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if it doesn't inspire joy... trade it in

Tidy up this spring. We can help.

As you declutter your garage this spring, we can help you turn your collection of joyless old bikes into a new ride that fills you with happiness. Simply dust off those old models, bring them to us for a hassle-free evaluation, and get credit towards a life-changing magical new bike.

How Easy Is Trading Up?

Very! With our clear and fair trade-in process, you can avoid the headache of listing your bike on a reseller website and meeting up with a potentially sketchy stranger. All you need to do is bring your bike to our store, and a friendly member of our team will be ready to help you turn your old bike into a new one.


Dust off your old bike
and bring it to us.


Shop for a new bike while
we evaluate your trade-in.


Turn your store credit
into a new bike and go ride!

Why Shop for a New Bike Now?

We wish that every day could be new bike day. Every season, new models roll out with improved materials for a lighter, more responsive ride and new technology for smoother shifting and more powerful braking - and that’s just the beginning. Explore top bike categories for spring riding and visit us today for more details and to go for a test spin.

Road Bikes | Reduced Tradeoffs

Gone are the days of having to choose between comfort and speed, traction and rolling resistance, and weight and capability. A road bike with modern geometry, larger tire clearance, and tubeless tires will simply allow you to ride more, ride faster, and have more fun.

Mountain Bikes | Increased Versatility

As mountain bikes continue to improve, one well-equipped bike can do so much more. Aggressive geometry, progressive suspension, dropper posts, and large range cassettes mean that you can pedal efficiently all day, enjoy the climbs, and rip the descents with confidence.

Electric Bikes | Longer Rides

Instead of one lap, why not do two? Electric bikes don’t always need to make your ride easier. Instead, they might just allow you to ride more. If you’re crunched for time after work, you can get more miles in. Want to ride with a stronger group? With an electric bike, now you can hang on.

Gravel Bikes | Explore New Places

That bit of singletrack that you keep looking at on your road ride - go for it! The fire road through the forest - go for that, too! With 700c and 650b tire compatibility options, a wide gear range and stable geometry, gravel bikes are made to explore new roads and find new trails.