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Stromer ST2

Stromer ST2
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The ST2: for commuters, it’s bye bye congestion. The bane of every car driver’s life: stuck in traffic every morning on your commute to work. Consign it to the past, in a way that you’ll enjoy. The ST2 will enable you to cruise elegantly past standing traffic. Make your leisure time start before work, and continue on your journey home. The ST2 introduces a note of superiority into every commute. And rightly so, because the ST2 is the first e-bike to be connected to the digital world.

The choice of colors for the ST2 is high-gloss white or matt black. The ST2 also comes in two different versions: Comfort and Sport. The Comfort version of the bike, with its 17 or 20-inch frame, is easy to mount. Thanks to the low top tube, you can still head off by e-bike even when dressed in your best clothes. In the Sport version, you have the choice of a 17, 20 or 22-inch frame. Both versions are fitted with a high quality 20-speed Shimano drivetrain system.

The finishing touches include cables that are routed out of sight inside the frame. Fully integrated design, only from Stromer.

The powerful drive gives you dynamic acceleration. Conquer hills with a smile on your face instead of beads of sweat. After all, the ST2 is powered by the SYNO Drive motor. And you decide for yourself how much assistance you want from the Stromer. There are three modes to choose from.