West Bikes Gran Fondo Series2020

Regional Gran Fondo Challenge in beautiful East Tennessee. Regional teams, clubs, and weekend warriors will compete for bragging rights. Strava segment timing to determine the KOM and QOM. Ride with friends and make new ones. Register today!

West Bikes Cry Baby Ride

May 30, 2020

West Bikes Ride for the Rescue

August 8, 2020

Club / Team Challenge!

Feed Zones - Strava Timing
Bragging Rights - Prizes

Fondo Preparation
Tuesday/Thursday Shop Rides
Beginning March 10, 2020
Road Bike Instructional Ride
Roll out 6:05PM
Instructional pace
Safe riding technique "No Drop"
Call (865) 671-7591

Race Training Rides
Day to be determined
Beginning March 10, 2020

Race Training Ride
Roll out 6:05PM
Race Pace (19+mph)
Rotating pace line
Call (865) 671-7591

Weekend Warriors Welcome

Weekend Warriors Welcome!

Beautiful fully supported routes. Convenient rest stops and route options.

Electric Bikes Welcome

Electric Bikes Welcome!

Charge your batteries and join you friends!

West Bicycles Strava Club