Ride For The Rescue

Knox Area Rescue Ministries                                                          Register Here

August 10, 2019
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Strava 70 mile link    Strava 50 mile link   Strava 20 mile link

We have something for every type of rider. The 70 mile route is not for the faint of heart. You will face challenging climbs, fast descents and beautiful vistas. The 50 mile route offers similar beauty with fewer challenges. The 20 mile shares the first 7 miles with the longer routes before breaking off on Hardin Valley Rd. And our fully supported rest stops and on route support will keep you rolling.

Event Schedule





$40 thru 8/7
$50 thru 8/10

 70 mile
Oliver Spring


$40 thru 8/7
$50 thru 8/10

 50 mile
Oak Ridge


$30 thru 8/7
$40 thru 8/10

 20 mile
Hardin Valley


Hospitality Tent
(Pizza at 11:30 - 3)

Ride Details

This ride requires a level of fitness capable of riding your chosen distance and although mechanical and emergency support is provided, you should be prepared to handle common repairs like flat tires, brake or gear adjustments.
  Invite your friends and enjoy this awesome event.

- Pre Ride Coffee, juice and bagels
- Clearly marked routes
- Map & queue sheet
- Strava Turn by Turn downloads

- Knox County Sheriff "Lead Out Escort"
- Mechanical and Emergency support

- Fully supported REST STOPS
- Hospitality Tent

- Pizza, snacks, watermelon and drinks

Ride Preparation

1. Tune up your bike at West Bikes.

2. West Bikes Instructional Road Bike Clinic Tuesday's at 6:00PM

3. West Bikes (18mph+) group ride Thursday's at 6:00PM

4. Upload your chosen route to your devise 

5. Emergency kit - Flat tire repair kit and Cash

6. Personal identification and emergency contact

7. Fully charged phone

We're looking forward to riding with you! Please let us know if you have any questions - email info@westbikes.com