Saturday Clinics

Thru March
Choose your clinic and register at (865)671-7591
1. Flat Tire Repair  9 - 10AM         

.- Includes 1 spare tube -
2. Gear & Brake Repair  11 - Noon

- Includes Ride Ready Tune up - 

Flat Repair Clinic ($10)
- Includes 1 spare tube -Flat Tire Repair Flat tire?  Slow leak?  No Problem!
You’re invited to our hands-on workshop to learn everything you need to Repair and Prevent flat tires. Includes one spare tube.  Practice on your own bike or just your wheel. But for your convenience, you can use one of ours. We can also show you a personalized Emergency repair kit with all the essentials to make repairs on the road so you can ride with confidence.

Limit 5 per class
Call (865) 671-7591 to reserve your spot
 Saturdays 9:00AM-10:00AM

Register at (865)671-7591

Gear & Brake Clinic ($40)  
- Includes Ride Ready Tune up - 
Drivetrain and Brake AdjustmentsGears / Brakes Issues?  No Problem!
LEARN BY DOING in this Do It Yourself basic tune-up workshop. When finished, you will have successfully performed basic gear and brake adjustments on your bike.
Limit 3 per class
Call (865) 671-7591 to reserve your spot
 Saturday 11:00AM - Noon

Register at (865)671-7591