Join us next year
May 9, 2020

62 & 34-mile routes: Depart (9:00 AM) 
Pre Registration: $40 (Ends Friday 5/10, 8:00PM)
Day of Registration: $50 (8:00-8:55 AM)

4 to 10-mile Greenway: Depart at 9:30 AM
Pre Registration: $10 (Ends Friday 5/10, 8:00PM)
Day of Registration: $10 (8:00-9:25 AM)

Suggested donation: $10

  Post ride refreshments (11:30-3:00 AM)


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 Something for everyone. Fast or slow, new to riding or seasoned pro, pushing your limits or wanting to take in the surroundings, there’s a perfect group and speed for you to join.    Ride for KOM's Bragging Rights and Personal Satisfaction.

Strava Navigation for onboard turn by turn and segment timing
  1. Create your personal Strava Profile   
2. Join West Bikes Strava Club
3. Upload your chosen route

4. Auto upload your ride 

You'll will be greeted with a delightful pre ride offering of coffee, bagels and juice.

 Amazing ride support includes a sheriff’s escort at the start, convenient rest stops, on route support and Strava navigation with road markings and maps.

After crossing the finish line, everyone gathers around the hospitality tent to enjoy delicious pizza, drinks and snacks to celebrate as you let the ride sink in.

Electric Bikes Welcome!

 Gran Fondo Series Info link

Cry Baby Composite Route Map with Segments